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Our Process

Making You Our Top Priority

Making You Our Top Priority

Our advisors believe that financial planning is the heart of the entire process, regardless of the products and services implemented. We follow a unique process: we begin with what’s important to you and what you care most about in your life. The better we understand you, the better we can address your explicit and implicit concerns. It not only allows us to tailor a financial plan to closely align with your goals and expectations, but it also gives us insight into the type of investor you are and the type of professional relationship you’re seeking. That is why we prioritize developing a relationship with you – so that we can get to know everything about you and your dreams.

A Look Into Our Process

At Amenity Wealth, our team follows our innovative “Four C’s Process”: consultation, collection, commencement, and continuation. Our process is comprehensive:

  • Consultation: This is our opportunity to acquaint you with our office and our approach. As you get to know us, we’ll focus on what you’re trying to accomplish, solutions and strategies you’ve employed in the past, etc. We’ll likely start discussing figures, make some back of the envelope calculations, and review details of any prior financial plans.
  • Collection: In order to understand your current financial situation and then plan out an efficient strategy, we need to gather data. We need to review the assets (e.g., savings, retirement accounts, investments), liabilities (e.g., mortgages, loans, credit card debt), and revenue streams (pensions, annuities, and Social Security benefits). We also review monthly expenditures, including debt service payments, entertainment expenses, and discretionary spending patterns. Data is then analyzed to model out your current financial situation. This becomes the starting point for the financial plan, where approaches are suggested, Monte Carlo and scenario analyses are run, and a comprehensive solution is presented.
  • Commencement: Should you decide to adopt our proposal, the plan is then executed, and the investment journey commences. Prior to this step, the specifics of all strategies presented are fully explained, including risks (what could happen?), fees (how much will I pay?), costs (what am I giving up?), terms (how long will this take?), and benchmarks (how will I know how I’m doing?). You’ll have time to evaluate the proposal, revisit it with further questions, and suggest alternatives that we can compare.
  • Continuation: Markets, economies, geopolitics, and taxation policies are dynamic, as is your life. Any major changes (e.g., retirement, employment change, divorce) can have long term effects that necessitate a review of your financial situation. Typically we meet with our clients, either in person and virtually, at least once per year. These meetings are to review portfolio performance, compare returns to benchmarks, and discuss current and projected economic activity

If you feel that our process is something that could align well with the goals that you have for your future, please reach out and set up an appointment today and we can get started